Friday, 2 August 2013

My Bitsian Day Google Doodle :)

Celebrating bitsian day ..

This is my first Google Doodle :)

This is a very special doodle to me :)

Google had inspired me to take up doodling and Bits-Pilani – my Alma mater, is the reason where i am today.

i am SO HAPPY to share with you that this Doodle has received 400+ Likes on Facebook Bits page (BITSians for Each Other).

#Bits-Pilani  #Google #333031

Note: this is not an official doodle of Google

Bitsian Day 2013 - doodle @

Celebrating bitsian day @ flipkart :)

#Bits-Pilani  #BitsianDay2013   #333031  #01596

Note: This is not an official doodle of